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European Style Kitchen Cabinets in Houston


Freedom of Choice: Colours, Styles & Special Features: Custom cabinetry offers you an immense freedom of choice in terms of colour, style, door profiles, textures, handles and much more! From sleek and smooth contemporary styles to the more traditional shaker style cabinets, the possibilities are truly endless. Although often affordable, stock cabinetry options can still be limited in their ability to create a specific design style. If keeping a specific theme in your home is something that matters to you, custom cabinetry is definitely the way to go as you are not restricted in your options and have the freedom of creating a truly unique and highly functional space to suit your needs and lifestyle.


Custom Made to Suit YOU!

While stock cabinetry can provide a quick and easy solution for the home, custom cabinets are specifically designed and constructed to suit your specific requirements, taste and lifestyle.
For example, custom designed kitchen cabinets can provide you with a host of options to suit any home without the use of filler panels (i.e. blank, fixed panels that are used to fill in any gaps when using stock cabinetry that doesn’t quite fit the space), meaning you can take full advantage of the storage space every nook and cranny of your home has to offer for a perfect fit. Custom designed bathroom cabinets on the other hand, can also be highly beneficial in creating your dream, luxury bathroom. Whether you are creating a specific designer bathroom look or simply wanting to maximise storage space and efficiency, custom cabinets will provide you the freedom and flexibility to create the very best solution to suit your specific needs.


Quality of Workmanship

When it comes to custom designed and made cabinetry, each step of the work is taken care of by a professional, ensuring a quality outcome that will not only meet your requirements but be an investment to your home and your home’s future.

Our Factory in Town

Our Story

Born and raised in Remedios de Escalada, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marcelo Giannone is a master cabinet maker. Marcelo descended from a long line of master artisans who have practiced woodworking and cabinet making for many generations in the city of Modica in the Ragusa province of southern Sicily. Modica is an ancient city that was completely rebuilt in the highly ornate Baroque style after a disastrous earthquake in 1693. As a result, Modica is home to a glorious tradition of handcrafted quality woodworking, furniture and cabinetry.

Marcelo’s appreciation of fine woodworking can be traced back to his family workshop in Buenos Aires. There, he honed his skills in the age-old tradition of European guilds by becoming an apprentice when he was only six years old. By the time he was 20, Marcelo was a master craftsman ready to run his own shop. At that time, he partnered with a leading cabinet manufacturer in Argentina to provide quality cabinetry and furnishings for residential and commercial interiors. Because of his desire to provide quality service he chose to narrow his focus on providing quality kitchens and storage solutions for a demanding clientele.
Marcelo’s business philosophy is based on one word: Quality

- Quality products
- Quality materials
- Quality craftsmanship
- Quality service
Enchanted with all things American since he was a young boy, Marcelo is delighted to call Texas home. He lives in Richmond with his wife, Carolina, and their two young children, Valentina and Nicolas.

Antonio Giannone.

2nd Generation of Carpenter in the Family

From Modica, Sicily, Italy

From Design to Installation


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